Company Profile

F TSP SERVICES has the network edge in providing consulting services. We are a technical service provider that delivers the best & efficient services to our clients' clientele.


We operate by focusing on quality, credibility, adaptation to changes, and people-oriented harmonious development effort to establish and promote the best services.


We manage our clients’ channel and strive to strengthen their management strategies. It is managed by a team of specialized personnel together with a systematic platform in every developmental process.


Sincerity and passion in providing customers with the best products offered by our clients are also our aim to establish an efficient employee work standard in order to achieve our long-term vision.


By 2018, Ftsp Services had grown so much that there was a need to restructure the company so that we could continue to offer our clientele the very best services possible. We are currently operating at a scale of 50-100 prominent employees.


Regardless of our structure, our goal is to position Ftsp Services as the best service provider. If we can get clients to associate the Ftsp services brand with the absolute best service, then we can expand into other product categories beyond. And, we are doing just that! - For us to have the flexibility to possibly provide the best platform in this service industry one day.


Did we mention that we have a team of brilliant trainers solely catered and specialized in designing awesome and fun training programs to our employees? Well, now you know!